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Dr. Shefali Bhujbal has written various books, publications, blogs, and is in the process of patenting her works and has issued IPR (intellectual property rights). She has demonstrated her dedication and expertise in various fields, including education, social and cultural fields.

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"अमृताचा घनु" (Amrutacha Ghanu)

"अमृताचा घनु" (Amrutacha Ghanu) is a photobiography of the Honorable Chaggan Bhujbal, published with the ISBN number 978-93-91807-13-9. This book offers a unique and personal look at the life and achievements of Shri Chaggan Bhujbal, highlighting his contributions to the fields of politics and public service. The book includes a collection of photographs that capture important moments in Bhujbal's life, as well as text that provides insight into his thoughts and experiences

Weaves of Paithani

Dr. Shefali Bhujbal is also working on a new project: a coffee table book on the "Weaves of Paithani." Paithani is a traditional form of Indian weave that is known for its intricate designs and fine craftsmanship. The coffee table book will showcase the beauty of Paithani sarees and the history and cultural significance of this art form. It will feature photographs of Paithani sarees, as well as information about the weaving techniques and the people who create these stunning pieces. This book will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in Indian art and culture, and will provide a glimpse into the rich history and tradition of Paithani sarees

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Vista’s of Life

Dr. Shefali Bhujbal 's book "Vista’s of Life" talks about the 3 P's (philosophy, purpose, and passion) intersect and influence an individual's life journey. It is not uncommon for individuals to explore and write about personal philosophies, purposes, and passions in their lives. The concept of the 3 P's can be seen as interconnected and overlapping, as they often influence and shape each other. Philosophy can refer to an individual's beliefs and values, which may guide their actions and decisions. Purpose can refer to the goals or intentions that drive an individual's actions and efforts. Passion can refer to the things that excite and inspire an individual, and may also motivate them to pursue their purpose.

A Study Of Social Upliftment Activities By Higher Educational Institutions In India

Dr. Shefali Bhujbal has written a paper on the topic "A Study of Social Upliftment Activities by Higher
Educational Institutions in India" which was published in the "METeoroid" International Journal of
Management & Research in January 2016. ISSN 2394-6423

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CSR In Educational Institutions

Dr. Shefali Bhujbal authored a paper titled "CSR in Educational Institutions: A Case Study of MET- Bhujbal
Knowledge City (BKC) Nashik" which was published in "UNNATI" - The Business Journal, ISSN 2319-1740,
in the January-June volume 02, issue 01, on page 42-49

शब्द जैसे कल्लोळ

Shefali's book, titled "शब्द जैसे कल्लोळ ", is expected to be published

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