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Dr. Shefali Samir Bhujbal

Excellence in Education

Education & Rural Development

Dr. Shefali Bhujbal has made significant contributions to educational philanthropy through her work at Bhujbal Knowledge City (MET-BKC), Nashik, which was established in 2006 under the Mumbai Educational Trust. Over the years MET-BKC has grown significantly over the years and now offers education in engineering, polytechnic, pharmacy, architecture, design, management and a lot more. She has worked hard to make MET-BKC a state-of-the-art institute with over 10,000 students and 600 workforce.

Upgrading the quality and availability of education

As the Chief Administrator of MET-BKC, Dr. Shefali Bhujbal has played an enormous role in upgrading the quality and availability of education to one and all. She has taken the initiative to include entrepreneurship and an Industry Academia chapter, which is otherwise largely neglected by the educational fraternity. The faculty development programs with the help of educational experts and initiatives at MET-BKC concentrate on the younger generations who are the decision-makers of tomorrow. She has also made students aware of social responsibility and social issues in society and initiated programs to provide education to the children of migrant workers at different construction sites.

Education in computer awareness to Zhilla Parisha Schools

Shefali Bhujbal's initiative, MET-Dayanda, aims to create awareness and provide education in computer awareness to Zhilla Parisha Schools in adopted villages. This project gained recognition from Google, who conducted interviews with Computer Engineering students from MET-BKC who were involved in the initiative. She has offered scholarships to students who cannot afford the fees at MET-BKC and has sent students from MET-BKC to government and Zilla Parishad schools in Odha village to provide English speaking training programs and courses.

Uplift underprivileged communities

The involvement with the MET SEVA project, which aims to uplift underprivileged communities, has inspired many students to take on voluntary work opportunities with UN ECOSOC in New York, earning them global acclaim. Dr. Shefali Bhujbal is a dedicated and driven individual with a passion for education. She is a person with a positive aura and always ready for any kind of benevolent work for the betterment of society.

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